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The pearls

With a wide range of materials and qualities, beads can be used not only to make costume jewelry, but also to customize clothing and all kinds of objects for home decoration and Christmas ornaments.

Pearls... since the dawn of time Shell and horn ornaments have been made since prehistoric times. The mother-of-pearl derived from shells was then used in antiquity as an inlay, and during the Renaissance became the object of fine sculptures used to adorn jewelry and rings (the famous cameos). Glassmaking first appeared in Italy in the year 1000!

Beads can be fashioned in a variety of materials, and you can also make your own beads using polymer clay(Fimo beads).

swarovski crystal beads
Machine-cut and containing a high proportion of lead, crystal from the famous Austrian firm is the most sparkling of all and its pearls the most regular, making them ideal for fine jewelry. The pearls are differentiated by their shape and size in mm: hundreds of combinations are possible, as the range of Swarovski crystal colors is very broad, from the famous spinning tops to the most imposing cabochons. The company has decided to stop making pearls, but they are still available for sale, including rare components and vintage colors, or exclusively on the American market. Cabochons often need to be set to be used in jewelry-making: it's a good idea to buy cabochons and settings at the same time.
  • Glass beads
czech glass or Bohemian crystal, depending on the region of origin, are less regular in shape than Austrian crystal, but come in a multitude of colors and effects (surface varnish). They are also less expensive, and are used in less visible parts of jewelry or as necklaces, as they are softer to the touch. Beads can be made of pressed glass, millefiori glass, with an opacifying or pearly effect...
  • Blown glass beads, also known as Venetian beads, are handmade beads in which the molten glass is wound onto a cane using a lamp.
  • Murano glass beads
thousands of years of glassmaking tradition and the secrets of quality craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation have made the Italian island of Murano the glass capital of the world. The most fashionable Murano beads today are those with gold or silver leaf.

murano glass beads
  • Semi-precious pearls
semi-precious Mookaite beads mounted in rings
Also known as gemstones, these are gems that do not fall into the category of precious stones. They're not necessarily made of transparent (tourmaline, garnet) or opaque (onyx, laps-lazuli) minerals, gems can also be derived from organic, plant or animal matter (amber, coral, mother-of-pearl, ivory...). They're chosen for their color (the blue-gray of hematite, the mottled black of obsidian, the violet brilliance of amethyst), or for their harmonious tones (the earth tones of mookaite). They are also prized for their litho-therapeutic virtues: thanks to their energetic powers, they help balance the body. Depending on their color, they even have a specific influence on each part of the body.
  • Metal beads/ul>
  • Metal ornamental beads come from many parts of the world, the best-known being Tibetan and Bali pearls. Metal can be used to melt a wide variety of shapes, with detailed designs that are a pleasure to combine to create jewelry. There are also metal beads that are indispensable less for decoration than for their use: among the primers are the small crushable beads essential for finishing a bracelet or necklace.
glass, pearly, iridescent, metal, bronze or brass, seed beads have long been used for embroidery (the very fine 24/0 seed beads are now being replaced by 15/0 - approx. 1 mm).Rocaille pearls include Japanese pearls (regular and generally in size 15/0), charlottes (in size 13/0) with facets for added sparkle, and Delica, perfectly regular cylindrical Japanese pearls ideal for pearl weaving (Delica being the best-known brand name) and available in many surface treatments (iridescent, matte, satin, AB or lined...).

  • Cloisonné pearls are made of copper and covered with baked enamel, like stained glass. Commonly found pearls are made in China.

beads daggers
  • The new beads
Since 2012, Twin bead and Super Duo rocailles have been available, offering a whole new range of mounting options. Find out more: Twin bead jewelry kits...
Rullas beads were then created: also on 2 rows, they are rectangular with rounded edges, very regular and allow the creation of elegant jewelry in Rullas
Dagger beads have been around for a few years now, and have been joined by Rizo beads. Smaller, they are shaped like a grain of rice and have a hole like a small dagger. Rizo beads can be found in the same colors as Super Duos beads, with beautiful effects, which is why these beads are so popular for jewelry-making these days!

To work with beads, the essential accessories are :
  • a tray with small edges: the tray will prevent any loss of beads, and the small edges will not hinder your movements.
  • a pair of fine scissors for nylon wire (which must not be chopped when cutting) or wire cutters for corded wire (for making necklaces or bracelets with heavy pearls)
  • flat-nose pliers for squeezing pearls, indispensable accessories for fastening the clasp of a necklace or bracelet
  • round-tipped pliers are recommended only for bending silver wire or metal nails.

Credits: " Bijoux et perles " boutique

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