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Customization with rhinestones

     Customizationwith rhinestones to personalize your USB flash drive, your cell phone, your glasses, your clock or your computer, all types of personalization are possible with rhinestones!
Disco colors to match your ringtone!
personalize your phone
10 strass SS16 Sun
8 strass SS16 Tanzanite
2 strass SS20 Amethys
The cell phone, a personal object if ever there was one, is easy to customize according to its owner's personality... Daisy stripping... I love you... a little... a lot...
personalize a girl's cell phone
personalize your phone
19 SS12 Aquamarine rhinestones
8 SS12 Aquamarine rhinestones
  A portable camera with a springtime look...
customize your camera
6 SS34 Jonquil rhinestones
1 SS34 Capri blue
3 SS34 Light Colorado topaz
Usb flash drives, now indispensable for exchanging and transferring digital data, become real jewels with customization!
usb key customization
Personalization with initials
personalize your usb flash drive
SS16 Sapphire transparent
SS16 Crystal ab
decorate your usb flash drive
9 SS20 Topaz
12 SS20 Peridot
10 SS20 Crystal
eyewear customization
Eyeglass frames can also be discreetly personalized: a mass-market item becomes unique!

Red heartto announce the color!    
decorate your usb flash drive
10 SS20 Light siam
2 SS20 Crystal
      Even your computer screen can stand out! If you just want to test the rhinestone effect (or if you're not the owner of the screen), simply use a tiny bead of Patafix on the back of each rhinestone: the rhinestones can be removed without a trace, just in case...   
customize your computer screen
decorating a clock with rhinestones
A glass clock is here also completely decorated with rhinestones, easily with theheated electric applicator Whencustomization becomes a message of love...!
rhinestone heart
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