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You don't need toknow how to draw to paint canvases: with a few simple techniques and a bit of equipment, we can all create original, trendy paintings and, above all, integrate our wall decorations into our interior design. Home Deco is a combination of materials and volumes thanks to simple painting techniques combined with collages and inclusions.
home deco painting technique
Home Déco is said to have been launched by Pébéo ® with specific paints in assorted ranges, to which can be added tubes of Pébéo Touch, a relief paint applied directly with a nozzle. More than just a range of hobby products, it's a decorating style that has been adopted with enthusiasm by hobby enthusiasts.
Theprinciple : paint on a 3d chassis (a wooden frame on which a canvas is fixed).
home deco on triangular and square frames
The canvas is usually white cotton, but black and natural linen are also available, for a particularly elegant effect (as long as the original canvas is visible). A quality 3d stretcher must have the canvas fastened to the back with staples; beware of low-priced stretchers whose canvas is glued to the edges and cut flush with the edges, as it is likely to come unstuck when the paint is dampened. The thickness of the stretcher makes it decorative without even a frame. Variable thicknesses are available (usually 3 cm): thicknesses can be matched for a set of frames, or played with...

Becausehome deco is above alla game of relief: the game can be geometrical through the arrangement of canvases (3 small square frames side by side, 4 squares spaced apart forming a square, a triangle-square-triangle combination...) with a motif or background that "passes" from one frame to the next.
You can play with thicknesses by gluing a small frame to a larger one, by gluing wooden figurines (animals, musical instruments...) or large wooden letters... You can create relief here and there by using molding plaster, structural paste, by including mosaic components, natural materials...
home deco on triangular and square frames

To lighten the canvas with a motif, serviettage is an ideal technique, but stencils can also have a beautiful effect and even continue their designs along the wall... Inspire yourself with our models and then...let your creativity take over!
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