les creatifs

Who are we?

Creative people who wish to share with you our passion for crafts, for creative hobbies, to make you discover these new materials, these new techniques so that you have pleasure in using them at home, in group, solo, with the children... but also computer scientists who share our skills by offering unique services at a lower cost, and in this field of creation and decoration.They are online stores that we offer to artisans, creators, sellers in creative supplies, all professional and selected.

Who is Cyberté Creation? The legal structure (Sarl) since 2004 which allows us at the same time :
  • to invent creations in creative leisure that we propose in the form of cards in 'step by step'.
  • to test materials, new products in creative leisure in our workshop,
  • to sell our own creations of models of jewels in kit or tutorials or jewels ready to be worn via the store "Bijoux et perles"
  • and most importantly to share all our experience in e-commerce management with artisans and creators, very small businesses that can focus on their core business: their creations or their creative supply stores.
Beyond the structure, they are 2 computer specialists who manage the daily updates of the site and the stores, the customer messages and the chat, the opening of new stores, in addition to the activity of their own stores and always with the pleasure of sharing a know-how in e-commerce and a long experience.

You will have understood that Les-Créatifs is more a family with values than a commercial company or a banal marketplace! Some stores...
  Noeuds papillon en bois gravé pour cadeaux personnalisés mariage
Mots de bois

Boutique de cadeaux bracelets et montres personnalisés par gravure en cuir ou liège
Personnalise moi

Artisanat et personnalisation de nos articles en cuir
La marque du cuir

Atelier bois : objets en bois, sculpture, puzzle, bijoux
Atelier bois

A La Petite Marge De Loulou Perlou
A La Petite Marge De Loulou Perlou

Bijoux fantaisie bagues en perles Swarovski, bijoux en kit, tutoriels
Bijoux et perles

You can reach us by email or by phone, or you can contact the craftsman directly (contact information on each store).
Cyberté Création SARL with a capital of €5,000
Publishing director: L. Goasdoué

169 impasse de Malgras - 26170 Buis les Baronnies - France
Tel: (cost of a local call)
Contact by email
Siren 478 579 329 - RCS Romans

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