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Salt dough: everything you need to know!

Chapeau en pâte à sel Maison en Provence en pâte à sel Papi lit son journal Sorcière d'Halloween
Salt dough is often a manual activity discovered by parents to keep their children occupied. And it's true that it's ideal for children, even the very young, since it's a natural, non-dirty, renewable material.
But it's also an exciting activity for adults, as salt dough can also be used to make sophisticated models.
so, mom's advice: discover the joys of salt dough with your children, then take a moment to practice this manual activity on your own. You'll soon get the hang of it!

Salt dough in 5 easy steps:
1. In just a few minutes, your dough is ready for modelling: the recipe for salt dough is very simple.
2. Model using kitchen utensils, children's modeling clay accessories...
3. Bake in your kitchen oven (at very low temperature).
4. Painting: with acrylic or watercolor paint.
5. The final step is to varnish them: unfortunately, this is mandatory to combat the humidity that is fatal to salt pastes.

Discover our salt dough models described step by step, like The Little Prince as a wall decoration on a key box.
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