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Decoration is getting personal as the "do it yourself" trend takes hold of everyone's mind and hands!
Home-deco canvas
salvaged furniture
Whether you want to revisit an interior that's decidedly too classic, or play around with theatrical style, everyone can express their creativity in their own interior. We start slowly, with coordinating decorative accessories, then with a piece of salvaged furniture rescued from the garage, and finally with a complete overhaul of our interior design.

What if the kitchen were to become the convivial place we all dream of, the bathroom a space to be shared, and passageways transformed into little worlds linking our living spaces?
A home where life is good, right down to the children's bedrooms.
decoration painting wooden objects
Because they too want a space that reflects their image, their world and their passions!

Discoverour creative cards to get inspired by ideas and projects explained step-by-step, like so many invitations to gradually re-visit the whole house! We've also got a look at furniture and small object makeovers, as recycling is more in vogue than ever.
Onour decoration shopping pages, you'll find items by our designers and craftsmen, such as bedside lamps, decorative mirrors and wooden furniture, as well as many items that can be customized, especially for children's bedrooms.
Putting the finishing touches to your interior decorating means putting a little bit of yourself into your home, making it a place that reflects you and is a pleasure to live in. This is the role of decorative objects. They play an important part in creating the mood or atmosphere of your rooms, depending on your tastes (colors or favorite themes, for example) once the decor is in place.
A macramé decoration is just as natural in a city loft as it is in a country cottage...
mini macramé suspension
Writing on your walls is a great way to personalize your interior: words in large letters as wall decorations add a trendy touch of poetry. Choose the material that best suits your decor, as words can be written in Alu letters, Pvc letters or wooden letters in the color that suits you best.

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