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Pleasure of painting - Beginning to paint

No one ever really begins in the pleasure of handling paint... school memories where we brandished a long brush over a huge white sheet! No doubts then, only the pleasure of imagining, mixing, brushing were there!

paint squares
You only need a few materials to start painting and, who knows, start a great passion. It doesn't matter if at first, drawing is not part of your creations, the important thing is to start playing with colors, materials and to take pleasure in it. Painting can also start with useful things: restoring old objects, old furniture, applying patina techniques and then making your own experiments, discovering amazing effects (finger painting, painting with a feather or even with a champagne cork...)
Before coming to the time of landscape painting, start with stencil painting to obtain beautiful decorations with little technique.

paint effect

Paint backgrounds, structures in relief, and it's the world of home decoration that offers itself to you with its canvases, its 3d frames that will adorn your walls with their warm colors for a unique interior decoration.
To begin: the ideal is acrylic paint because the brushes can be washed with water, and it dries very quickly which allows you to link different stages of the same creative project. You only need the 5 main colors to get the full range of colors.
Our advice: discover natural paints (or ecological paints) which can also be used in creative leisure and are not reserved for decoration, they are as effective, covering, quick to dry as acrylic paints, and have the advantage of not releasing harmful chemical compounds.

For brushes, a slightly wide brush for large surfaces, a soft brush for delicate paint and a very fine brush (n°1) are essential.

The best support remains wood: because it drinks the paint and participates fully in the creation! Painting on glass or metal is a little more difficult... Painting on raw ceramic is a pleasure to discover!

You will find on les-creatifs.com several stores of raw wood objects to paint: each craftsman has his style, his favorite wood, you can paint very different and original objects.
The store Fournitures créatives offers wooden supports at very low prices to create small decorations for the house, to offer handmade gifts...

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